Thursday 6th October 2016


Overcast with some rain falling at times.  No wind at this stage.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.  It is flowing at about 36 cumecs as of 9:00am. 

Had a report of an angler catching fish on the evening rise the other night using a caddis dry fly. Fingers crossed the river holds and doesn't get a massive flood. Also other reports of some nice fresh fish moving through the river.  Reports indicate there one day, gone the next.  Also reports of quite a few spent fish showing up in places now.


tongariro river major 1 bridge 06102016.jpg

(Above) Looking upstream from the Major Jones bridge at 8:15am this morning. Only one angler fishing up in the Hydro Pool this morning. (Below) Looking off the Major Jones bridge this morning to nice clear water.

tongariro river major 2 bridge 06102016.jpg

(Below) Looking downstream to two anglers fishing the Breakfast Pool.

tongariro river major 3 bridge 06102016.jpg

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