Saturday 6th October 2018


Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today. No wind or rain as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

Boy are we blessed with some FANTASTIC Spring weather !!   I can't remeber one like it !  My suggestion is to make the most of the nice sunny days and get out there and make the most of it.

These days are absolutely perfect for fishing a dry fly / dropper combo. Any volunteers want to slug away in the shop for me to allow me to go fishing ??

There have been plenty of feeding fish and most anglers are having a great time on small naturals with some anglers reporting catching fish on Mayfly and Caddis Dry flies during the day.

05102018 dry fly fishing tongariro river turangi 2 jared.jpg

(Above) I was out yesterday evening to check on the evening rise.  There were quite a few fish coming up and taking Mayfly Adults off the surface. I spent a bit of time watching them to see if I could get some pictures.  This picture is of a rainbow trout's head coming out of the water to take a Mayfly.

(Below) The tail of a fish once the head has descended after taking either the Mayfly or the Mayfly emerger. 

05102018 dry fly fishing tongariro river turangi 4 jared.jpg

(Below) The resultant " rings " which are really visible.  This is how the trout give away their locations.

There are different sorts of rises.  Sometimes all you hear is a " slurp " and basically see no surface activity.  There are sometimes just the tip of the mouth visible, sometimes the whole head, splashy rises, swirly rises, sometimes the fish will jump right out of the water. Eyes and ears are important fishing tools when it comes to dry fly fishing. In the pitch black all you do is try and hear where the fish are rising.

05102018 dry fly fishing tongariro river turangi 3 jared.jpg

(Below) I have fished this river for nearly 19 years now.  The rises at the moment have been quite strange from what I normally have seen. There is plenty of activity until it gets dark and then the rise just stops.  The " normal " process I see is the rise slowly gets going. The fish feed on Mayflies and emergers half heartedly, fizzle out and then right on dark the fish just go nuts on the Caddis.  This time they are really going nuts on the Mayflies and then right on dark ... nothing.

I flicked my light on and there are Caddis Adults out there scurrying around, so I know they are there. The funny thing is I have caught more fish on the Sporting Caddis Dry Fly though like the fish below ??

05102018 dry fly fishing tongariro river turangi 5 jared.jpg

(Below) I spotted this fish in the shallows yesterday.  This fish had a white fungus looking growth over its back.  It swam around very slowly. To me it looked like someone had grabbed the fish with dry hands as I could almost make out finger marks on one side. It is important that if you are handling fish to wash your hands in the river first and make sure your hands are wet when touching them. What I try and do is handle them as little as possible.  The picture above is how I do it. I slide the fish into shallow water and try and leave them lying in the water.  I grab the leader to control their head and then grab them around the tail with my index finger and thumb making a soft noose around the tail. If you make this firm but not tight they genrally stay still. If you want to take a picture just get your camera ready while the fish is lying on its side then lift the fish out of the water placing your other hand partly under the stomach and head cupping the fish so the weight is taken by the hand then return the fish to the water as quickly as possible. Don't poke your fingers in the gills as this can damage them and cause the fish to bleed.

In Summer avoid dragging the fish onto very hot dry rocks.  Just beach them into a shallow bay between rocks if possible, or if this is not possible, use a net and keep them in the net in the water.

The other thing I do if using a net is always wet the net first before netting the fish.

05102018 dry fly fishing tongariro river turangi 1 jared.jpg

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