Friday 6th November 2015


Today is a real "cracker" after Guy Fawkes last night.  A bit of a frost this morning to zap the tomato plants and potatoes if you have a garden ! but fine and sunny with no wind at this stage !!!!  All rivers are fishable and it is days like this that you should really call in sick with the excuse you need therapy on the water to get better ;-)

I've had reports of some good evening rises and also fish rising during the day.  The next four days should be good with nice hot temperatures and relatively calm days forecast.  Should be good to get out on the Lake with a boat as well. 

Just had some Ozzies who were out in the frost this morning.  I said to one " that was a tropical frost" .... "you should be here in the middle of Winter when we have a real frost!".

I received this email this morning thanks to Murray Nielsen.  Murray writes:

Nylon in the Tongariro River.  Found this in the river last night. The nylon was approx 150 metres long by the time I wound it all up did not find the end estimated 20 - 25lb nylon not what you would find commonly attached to a fly rod it was snagged at both ends so was a real hazard for people not knowing the river as I was almost tripped up by it.



Nylon is generally a waste product from fishing and it is every anglers responsibility to do their part to keep "our" rivers clean and tidy.  If you see some nylon, don't leave it for someone else to clean it up.  Pick it up yourself and take it home and dispose of in a rubbish bin.  I have a handy little gadget that I wind the waste nylon onto and at the end of the day cut it off and put in the rubbish bin. I am finding that I am collecting a lot more on this than I used to.  It doesn't take long to do.  Also if you see some at the car parks, pick it up and put it in your car to dispose of.  Another thing is if you have kids get them to rummage around to try and find rubbish and nylon to collect but as part of the "fun" get them to see if they can find some flies at the same time !!

(Below) This is Didymo Dave with some "waste" nylon that he has collected.  The "she'll be right it is only a piece of nylon I'll just leave it there" kind of makes you think more about picking it up when you see how much he has here !!



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