Sunday 7th May 2017


Overcast but calm start to the day here in Turangi today. All rivers are fishable.  

Some nice fish have been caught over the last few days, especially in the Tongariro but a few murmurs are starting to come from the lips of anglers along the lines of "it's getting a little tough out there".  Most likely a reflection that we haven't had rain for a week or so now and the days have been bright and sunny.  Those who know what to look for and when to change tactics will still do quite well ..... while others will wait for rain.

We had Andrew Snell call into the shop yesterday to get this very nice brown trout weighed.  We weighed it at exactly 8lbs.

 A message for P.I. from Andrew 

" très bon P.I. ..... très bon "

andrew snell 8lb tongariro brown trout 06052017.JPG

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