Monday 7th May 2018


Fine and sunny. Gusty SW wind blowing the leaves along the street. The Tongariro River is clear and fishable.

It might pay to have a go at the Delta while the weather is bright and sunny to see if you can catch some fish that should be stacking up out there waiting for the next rain. Some good reports through from anglers using heave and leave glo bugs.

I went out to check the Tongariro River at lunchtime up by the Admiral Pool carpark.  The water looked to have just a slight tinge of colour to the deeper parts but was clear in the shallow areas.  It didn't take long until I spotted some fish.  One looked like a huge submerged log.  This was a good sized brown trout about 60-70cm long.  I also saw a good sized rainbow just back downstream from it a bit. They were hanging around some structure at the tail of the pool.  I never saw any anglers.  The wind was quite gusty.

(Below) A nice sunny Autumn day here in Turangi today but you can't quite see the gusty wind.  This is looking upstream from the Admirals Pool carpark at 1:00pm today.

taupo fly fishing 1 admirals pool 07052018.jpg

(Below) The swirly part of the Admirals Pool. It is amazing how Willows have really taken off in the middle to upper reaches over the years.  They are really thick and hard to get through. You will notice a heap of young pine trees starting to poke their heads above these Willows. Still, they make a nice photo as their leaves trun from green to yellow.

taupo fly fishing 2 admirals pool 07052018.jpg

(Below) Looking downstream to the tail of the Admirals Pool.

taupo fly fishing 3 admirals pool 07052018.jpg

(Below) Looking downstream from the Admirals Pool carpark. Way in the distance to the left of the picture is where the Kamahi Pool begins.

taupo fly fishing 4 admirals pool 07052018.jpg


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