Wednesday 7th June 2017


Fine and sunny with a god frost to start the day, -1.4 degrees celcius at 8:00am. No wind.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable. Wow this is a good run of weather.  Great for fly fishing because of the lack of wind. In the past years when we have ended up with a good run of weather this tends to slow the fishing down for most with the bright sunny days, higher barometer and lack of rain, however adapting to these conditions and also moving around the river will also help you to succeed in hooking something. First and last light are usually great times to use the glo bug.

I managed to get out for a flick last week as well, exploring further up the river to see if there have been any changes. Not really.  Slight ones but the river looks great at the moment.  Also on walking around I have noticed the tracks have been cleared and trimmed and everything looks nice and tidy for those anglers who like to walk and explore.

Some great conditioned fish have moved up the river over the last few weeks with most pools holding some fish, however walking around over the long weekend some held more than others.

glo bug 3 tongariro river 31052017.jpg

(Above & Below) A little bit of delayed coverage from Wednesday last week. I went for an explore up around the Duchess Pool area of the river to see what changes there have been the flooding from the last month. Not too much.  Things are looking really nice at the moment. The first cast I hooked and landed this nice fresh run rainbow. 

glo bug 1 tongariro river 31052017.jpg

(Below) Half a dozen casts later I hooked this nice fat silver rainbow as well.  This one took my bomb.

glo bug 2 tongariro river 31052017.jpg

(Below) Looking downstream to the Duchess Pool in the distance. Once again not one angler in sight here.

glo bug 5 tongariro river 31052017.jpg

(Below) Looking upstream to the Red Hut bridge in the distance.  Plenty of fishable water with not an angler in sight.

glo bug 4 tongariro river 31052017.jpg 

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