Thursday 7th June 2018


Fine and sunny here in Turangi today. A cold blustery S / SE wind blowing.  The Tongariro is highly fishable this morning.  A good dumping of snow on the Umukarikari Ranges this morning. 

Some nice looking fresh run rainbows have been caught in the river over the last few days.  The runs should really be starting to pick up now with the colder weather.  Quite a few fish look to be sneaking past a few anglers with some anglers catching more fish than others. 

The following photo and email was sent in yesterday thanks to Hayden Stewart.  Hayden writes:

Hi Guys, 

Shot over from Napier early this morning to break in my new Redington Vapen Black I bought off you a few weeks back. 
Happy to say it catches fish, had 4 in the bag by 9.30!



Hadyen Stewart tongariro river rainbow trout  june 2018.jpg

(Below) Andrew was out and about yesterday during his lunchbreak and secured this nice fresh run rainbow .... 

andrew fresh run tongariro rainbow  06062018.jpg

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