Thursday 7th July 2016


Overcast, cool.  No wind at this stage. All rivers are fishable. It looks like some rain is forecast for today and tomorrow ...... but will we get it ?  One would hope so.  This should move some fish into the rivers ..... any volunteers want to work for me ?

The pictures below are from the fishing expedition I did the other week to explore some more of the river. The picture below is the Silly Pool. A nice part of the river to fish.  However there is one drawback .... you have to walk to get there. I look at it this way .... while I am going for a fish I am getting some exercise as well. Normally having to walk somewhere means you get to usually fish a pool by yourself. 


fly fishing tongariro river silly pool.jpg

(Below) The Shag Pool ... the one on the corner.  A nice deep swirly pool.  For those that want a challenge, this pool will make you think how to extract a fish out of it. 

fly fishing tongariro river shag pool.jpg

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