Friday 8th August 2015


The Tongariro has dropped overnight to about 70 cumecs with a light milky colour.  I would call this highly fishable and fish it myself. Should be even better around lunchtime and even better than that mid afternoon.

Ideal for both nymphing and wetlining at present.

ASSUMING we do not get any more rain then the river should be ideal fishing for the weekend .... we have a good stock of flies that will discover the new snags for you ;-)

Check the weather forecast for any other approaching rain.

10:00am Fish reported caught in the river already .... on the wetline



(Above) The river has dropped right down again overnight and I saw one angler further down in the main bridge pool at 8:30am this morning.

(Below) A light milky grey colour and you can see down to about knee deep.


(Below) Looking upstream from the S.H.1 road bridge


(Below) So you think the river is too dirty to fish ? Check out this picture from 2002 of "Thornie" fishing dirty water when Men used to be Men and only Americans fished with 6 weights .... in the middle of Summer ;-)

Don't wait for it to get too clear !


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