Sunday 8th August 2016


Overcast with high cloud and a bit of blue sky around. Strong Southerly due to ease later in the day.  The Tongariro is fishable today .... for those who are keen .... the Boss reports fish coming out of the Bridge Pool at about 11:30am this morning. 

A good dumping of snow over the last day or two has cooled the temperatures down and most anglers have been happy with the fishing.  For a change, most anglers have been reporting catching fish.  These conditions should be good triggers for regular runs to start occurring from now on towards September.


fly fishing taupo tongariro river 3 snow 07082016.jpg

(Above) Brave anglers fishing just below the S.H.1 road bridge at 1:00pm today.  You can see a good dusting of snow on the top of Mt Pihanga today ... once again our little micro climate here in Turangi made us miss most of the bad stuff and it was "fishing as usual" on the Tongariro yesterday.

(Below) I'm "over the hill" to get this shot ..... looks nice but the cold Southerly wind is blasting straight into me here taking this photo ! This is looking upstream to Judges Pool. 

fly fishing taupo tongariro river 2 snow 07082016.jpg

(Below) Looking downstream to the "Bridge Pool Proper" with three anglers trying their luck here this afternoon.

fly fishing taupo tongariro river 4 snow 07082016.jpg

(Below) Wow ! Check that out the Umukarikari Range to the SE of Turangi coated in a good dusting of icing sugar ;-)

fly fishing taupo tongariro river 1 snow 07082016.jpg

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