Monday, 7th August 2017


Fine and sunny start to the morning here in Turangi today. No wind as of 9:00am. The river is a nice greeny colour and flowing about 35 cumecs.  Andrew said fish are everywhere ;-)

We had some good rain overnight which boosted the level of the river.  This will be good for the anglers wanting to fish with the wetline / sinking line / or skagit gear.

The rain overnight will have moved more fish into the river.  Numbers of fish should continue to build over the next month, even into September. Local angler Graham Hamilton was fishing off the Delta on Friday and managed to keep his 6 bag limit. We have seen a lot more anglers who have been able to take more fish with the introduction of this new limit and anglers feel like they are getting some good value for their dollars spent of fishing licences. Just remember that the 3 bag limit had been in place since 1991 and prior to that the limit was 8 fish per angler per day so 6 at this stage appears to be a good number. Back in the 1960's it was up around 28 fish per angler per day as they wanted to reduce the number of trout in the fishery so that they did not have to compete so hard for food.   Also remember that there are not as many anglers fishing today here like they did when the 8 bag limit was in place.

Most anglers who take trout enjoy them smoked but I have talked to quite a few people who are into bottling them.  They come out of the jars just like canned salmon.

(Below) Local angler Graham Hamilton landed these six fish off the Delta on Friday last week.  They look like they were ready to run the river.

graham hamilton 6 bag limit 04082017.jpg



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