Tuesday 7th August 2018


Fine and sunny with some high cloud.  No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

I managed to get out for a flick on the Tongariro on Sunday. My plan was to sleep in and head out around mid day knowing that most anglers will be looking to head back home after arriving for the weekend. For the whole time I was out I only saw three other anglers.

I decided to have a look from the Red Hut to the Silly Pool.  I am slowly making my way through the river.  After all of the flooding and high water this year th river keeps changing, so if you don't keep up with the changes then you may miss the oppurtunities to fish. The good thing with exploring the river is you get to find the access points, also you get to see a change of scenery.


 07082018 tongariro river duchess pool.jpg

(Above) Looking upstream to the Shag Pool from the cliff above the Duchess.

(Below) The bypass channel from the Shag Pool that feeds into the Duchess Pool.

07082018 tongariro river shag to duchess pool.jpg

(Below) The Duchess Pool. Some great looking water that I would say hardly gets fished.

07082018 tongariro river duchess pool.jpg


07082018 tongariro river thin rainbow.jpg

(Above) I hooked this rainbow.  I have notitced this year quite a few fish are long and narrow.

(Below) In amongst the long and narrow ones have been some really nice looking fish like this one that I hooked on the Blushing Caddis.

07082018 tongariro river silver fresh run fish.jpg

(Below) I would be Silly not to have a fish here.

07082018 tongariro river silly pool.jpg

(Below) This part of the river is blow the Duchess Pool.  This had steadily been changing over the last year or so. 

07082018 tongariro river duchess to silly pool.jpg


07082018 tongariro river heave and leave rainbow.jpg

(Above & Below) I hooked these two nice silver fish while I was Czech nynmphing with my 11 weight shooting head using heave and leave glo bugs. They put up quite a good fight.

07082018 tongariro river silver rainbow.jpg

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