Monday 7th September 2015


What a beautiful day we have woken up to today, as opposed to the rainy/ snowy day I had out on the farm yesterday, coming into town today it was lovely to have the sun in my face warming me up. This sun is meant to stay around for the next few days so although that's nice for a change, it means that any colour in the river may dissipate. According to Jared the river is pretty clear at the moment (sorry lads I didn't get a chance to pop down this morning) so might be good to pull out some of those natural flies and try them out. 

Whilst doing the web page this morning, we have had quite a number of anglers come in, all in for something a little different, weather its coming in for lures (which I have noticed is getting a little more popular, particularly the green and pink tobys) or wet lining, and some others coming in to upgrade there fishing attire (who knew fishing clothing could be so fashionable), but one thing is all the same, they are all excited to get out there and get something. 

The river level seems to be settled at around 36 cumecs at the moment, and although there has been a bit of rain in the last few weeks it seems to have settled around that level for a few days now, which is good not too high for our fisherman. Send in any photos you have of your catches. We love to get them in. 

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