Wednesday 7th September 2016


Overcast. Calm.  All rivers are fishable. Andrew looks to have had a blast up at the Hinemaiaia River yesterday. He reported a mixture of darker fish and fresh ones.

A few nice fresh ones in the Tongariro but quite a few anglers are reporting small fish. Quite a few just on the legal size of 40cm. I would say that 1 in 5 for me have been really good fish with the others just on the legal limit.

Something a little different today.  Check out these photos of the Motuopapa Marina Development currently underway.


motuoapa 1 marina 06092016.jpg

(Above) Normally we have a different type of "Cat" in lake Taupo ..... ie the Catfish ... but check out this beast !!

(Below) Work being done on Motuoapa Marina to upgrade the facilities. It is being dug out to increase the depth of it which should help when the Lake gets low over the summer along with quite a few other development. Anticipated completion date Feb/March 2017.

Apparently a submerged dingy was found once the water level was lowered a bit!

motuoapa 2 marina 06092016.jpg

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