Thursday 7th September 2017


Overcast with rain falling at times. The wind is gusting then easing then gusting. The Tongariro is flowing at 50 cumecs but Andrew reports is brown in colour. Fishable if you want to fish it .... good to give the wetline a burn in these conditions.

A little bit of delayed coverage from the weekend thanks to Duncan Robb.  Duncan writes:

Susan hooked one and lost it after a bit of a scrap and was pretty frustrated but then stuck with it and landed a beautiful fish.

She was so excited and really keen to get back there asap. We had a really great afternoon exploring right up the river and walked from the Major Jones up to nearly the Red Hut bridge and fished a few pools on the way. Just a day of real fishing and exploring and her Sage X has now been blooded!! She lost a few as well. The new waders made the walk far more pleasurable as well so what a true classic day. Exploring, fishing, hiking, extracting fish . Life is grand.

Another great story of someone starting out, putting in the hard yards and then smiling like that afterwards.

Can certainly say she is hooked.

At one point, I was fishing the top of the major Jones with her, standing beside her chatting while she fished and had my rod under my arm facing behind me. I suddenly realised I no longer had it. Sage One, Sage reel and Rio line etc. Had a terrible time looking around and down river realising I was not going to find it. After about 5 minutes, the guy 100 metres down river at the tail of the pool realised his ‘fish’ was the most expensive catch he will ever make!! He literally foul hooked my rod from standing on the sand bar down the pool. What are the chances!!! Sorry, I nearly had to buy another new set, don’t tell Graham!

Great to see the big brown in the pic too you posted on the weekend. Susan has put ‘Catch a Taupo brown’ on her bucket list along with ‘Catch a fish on a personally tied fly’ and ‘Catch a bigger fish than Duncan’.

Hope things are going well and thanks again for all your help on the weekend. It was much appreciated and an amazing time was had by both of us. We will see you all again very soon.


   susan turangi trout sep 2017.jpg

(Above) Susan with a Tongariro River rainbow and sporting her new pair of Simms Ladies Freestone waders. The waders are a good fit for women and have a decent foot size to them which actually fits the smaller petite foot.


fly tying peter carty 2 intruder 06092017.jpg

(Above) Peter Carty was out fishing the Tongariro River yesterday giving his Redington Chromer rod a burn and hooked this nice fresh fish on one of his intruder fly creations.

fly tying peter carty 1 intruder 06092017.jpg

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