Wednesday 7th October 2015


Another fine, sunny stunning day in Paradise here today.  The rivers are all clear and fishable.  Just one of those stunning Spring days. No wind at this stage but this may pick up later in the day. Anglers are still reporting plenty of fish in the Tongariro river with most having a great time. A few spent fish turning up now but this is to be expected at this time of year. In amongst these are still some really nice fresh run fish.

I managed to take this "Fair Maiden" out yesterday evening to try and catch some "maidens".  The only thing we caught were three Jacks in half an hour. We were nymphing. Saw the odd Mayfly hatch but waited till dark but didn't see any rising fish.

This is Julie from Sydney, Australia who is visiting Turangi with her partner which is an old school mate of mine who has come back home to show her what Paradise is like ! 


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