Monday 7th November 2016


3:30pm The Tongariro has been holding during the day but we are just having heavy rain and thunder storms at present.

Overcast with rain falling at times. No wind. As of 9:00am the Tongariro is fishable.  This may change later in the day as heavy rain is forecast.  Still plenty of fish in the Tongariro. Worth while having a go.  Should still be getting some nice fresh fish in amongst the spent ones. If there isn't too much wind then it should be highly worthwhile to get out for an evening rise fish as well. This would have to be the easiest way to catch a fish .... great fun for the kids too as they get to see the splashing and rises from the fish. 

A little bit of delayed coverage from Friday last week thanks to Chris Firkin.  Chris wrties:

Nice fish from the blue on Friday avo - after work of course.  And me being a bit arty with one of my pics. River was looking great and fishin great.

Cheers, Chris


Nov Tong chirs firkin.jpg

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