Monday 7th December 2015


The sun is shining and the the fish are swimming .... and feeding ! The Tongariro is highly fishable today. The other rivers are fishable too. We didn't get much rain over the weekend.  A bit opposite to the forecast.  As a consequence the weekend was good for fishing. 

We received this email and photo the other day thanks to Andrew Christmas.  This is a really nice looking spotty brown. 

Andrew writes:

Hi guys, landed this little fella from a very popular piece of water midday Saturday on a single lightly weighted nymph- stunning colour and spots. Nice to see these guys slowly trickling through again.



(Below) I was out for the evening rise last night and there was a good hatch on.  Mostly Mayflies but I also noticed a few of these Dobson Flies flying around. They look like a giant caddis on steroids.  The nymph is referred to as the "Creeper Nymph" or "Toe Biter"


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