Wednesday 7th December 2016


Overcast here in Turangi this morning. No wind. All rivers are clear and fishable. 

Most anglers are calling into the shop reporting catching fish on the evening rise. Some great caddis hatches going on. Best to wait right until dark for this to happen.  I have also noticed more mosquitoes making an appearance now. Since it has been wetter this Spring, there must be some good habitat for them in the puddles. 

Temperatures have increased over the last week up to about 25 degrees celcius. When the sun does come out the odd cicada has been heard. 

Boaties reporting plenty of green beetle on the Western side of the lake. Jigging reports picking up with some great conditioned fish reported caught. 


tongariro river red 4 hut 07122016.jpg

(Above) Andrew went out for a look at the Tongariro this morning with Chris from Florida. Here they are next to the sign for the Tongariro River trail which can be used for walking access for fishermen or mountain bikers.

tongariro river red 1 hut 07122016.jpg

(Above) Looking downstream from the Red Hut swing bridge to the tail of the Red Hut pool today.

(Below) Looking upstream to the top of the Red Hut Pool.

tongariro river red 2 hut 07122016.jpg

(Below) I like this little sign here. It possibly implies two things.  The first is that with the arrow pointing upwards then it must be advisable that you can catch fish in the sky.  The second implies that you can't teach an old dog new tricks as it appears that the youngster is the one with the ability to catch fish whilst the one who is supposed to know how appears to be heading home with nothing ??

tongariro river red 3 hut 07122016.jpg

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