Thursday 7th December 2017


Overcast start to the morning with the sun trying to poke through. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable. 

I am back on deck after a weeks holiday which was much needed prior to Christmas !! Sorry for the lack of reports but a holiday is a holiday and a holiday means you don't do the same old routine that you normally do .... that's why a holiday is a holiday ! They are always too short though  ....

Wow!!! It has been hot. The last few days have been around 26 to 29 degrees celcius. I was working outside yesterday and guess what ?  I heard a couple of cicadas chirping !  Quite early but if these temperatures keep up then more could hatch ... most years though we start to get them going in mid to late December and everyone gets excited and then nothing much happens until mid to late January. This year could be a little different if the temperatures keep up.  In previous years if it gets too dry then this shuts them down too.  Over the years I have noticed that the ideal conditions for Cicadas tend to be quite hot and humid conditions, just enough rain to keep the ground moist to help them to hatch. Maybe this summer we could be in for one of those MEGA hatches? However I "Never count my Chickens until they hatch" so to speak. Basically I don't get too excited and just take each day as it comes and see what the situation is on the day I go fishing.

Over the years I have experienced the following when it come to cicadas:

1. Heaps of cicadas hatch but few fish in the river to take them (not a good year then?)

2. Few cicadas hatching but heaps of fish in the river  ( a good year ? I have had boomer years when this has happened as most anglers think it is not worth fishing them)

3. Heaps of cicadas hatch and heaps heaps of fish in the river 






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