Thursday 8th February 2018


Fine and sunny with some cloud about. Nice and cool. No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is clear and fishable. 

Looks like there are some very nice fresh run brown trout in the Tongariro at present.  It might be a case of beating the feet to see if you can spot them. The last flood looks to have blown out a few more of the recovering rainbows. 

My suggestion would be to do a bit more wetlining and dredge the bottom.

There has been the odd evening rise.  The odd fish coming up to feed off the surface just on dark but only rising once or twice.  Plenty of caddis crawling over you though when you turn the head torch on. 

Don't forget the recreational release in the Tongariro River on February the 10th.


(Below) The following email and pictures are thanks to Jens Muller-Buckland.  This is a little bit of delayed coverage from the 4th of February. Jens writes:


Hi Jared
Perhaps you can give me a lesson one day on camera operation, looking at my results…..

Doing slightly better taking pictures of others. This is Uwe with a nice rainbow that straightened his line for a while and then there is me fumbling in the dark with the excitement of having landed a nice brown of around 6.0lbs we both used a Sporting Caddis after a fish missed my cicada ( the fish was nearly as big as the cicada) 
Lastly there is a pic from Uwe’s grandkids after participating in the kids fishing day on their holiday, the week prior to our arrival.
the one eyed rover!?

uwe 1 jens feb 2018.jpg

(Above) Uwe with a silver rainbow.

uwe 2 jens feb 2018.jpg

(Above & Below) Jens with a very nice 6lb brown trout landed in the Tongariro River on the Sporting Caddis dry fly.

uwe 22 jens feb 2018.jpg

(Below) Is it an Alien Life Form ? or Jens and a poorly focused camera ?

uwe 3 jens feb 2018.jpg

(Below) Uwe's grandchildren with a couple of fish from the Tongariro National Trout Centre.

uwe 4 jens feb 2018.jpg

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