Tuesday 8th March 2016


Fine and sunny start to the day in Turangi today. The wind has picked up and is quite gusty at present. All rivers are fishable.

The crickets are chirping madly at night now. Seems to be a good year for them as well. Normally we get the black crickets. They drive you mad at night when trying to get some sleep !!  Last night I banged on the wall and that stopped them ... for a while, then they started up again .... another bang on the wall .... stop .... start ... bang .... stop .... start !  I might have to use the ear plugs I needed for fishing down at the river when the cicadas were in full chirp !

Still seems to be reports of browns at the some river mouths.  Seems to have been a few anglers seeing plenty of fish at some of the mouths. Might be worth a look during the day as well as at night.

Here is a little bit of delayed coverage from last month thanks to Emma and Jean-Olivier. Emma writes:


I forget to send to you, a picture of Jean-Olivier, during last day our trip, last hour of fly fishing!!!
He caught it but it wasn't easy… beautiful game, beautiful moment and beautiful Brown.
It was also possible thank to you and Sporting life's team, and all yours advices.

Have nice day and see you soon.

emma jean feb 2016.jpg


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