Thursday 8th March 2018


11:00am  The Tongariro has come up to 132 cumecs and is unfishable. 


Overcast .... raining .... grey.... !!! No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is brown and dirty, not overly high. If you were here for a 5 day fishing trip and were desperate to fish it then I would, especially with a sinking line.  It may be coloured but not overly high. A local angler fished in these conditions yesterday afternoon and brought a nice brown trout into the shop to get weighed.  The fish went 5.5lbs.  He as the only one we heard of catch a fish yesterday. 

We got reports yesterday afternoon that the river had coloured up again but we had little rain here in Turangi.  Possibly a slip further up on the Desert Road that may have got more rain than we have in town. 

Another thing noticed this year is there doesn't seem to have been as many wasps as in the previous few years.  Possibly it has been so wet that their underground nests may have flooded ?


tongariro river fly fishing 2 sporting life turangi 08032018.jpg

(Above) The colour of the water in the Tongariro River at 8:20am this morning. 

(Below) Even the Shags have given up fishing at the moment.  I did see two or three anglers huddled under the S.H.1 road bridge this morning waiting for the rain to ease a bit before having a go.

tongariro river fly fishing 1 sporting life turangi 08032018.jpg

I was looking at fishing the river yesterday after work with my Swedish mate Kjell, but due to the colour of the river we had a change of plans and headed to a local river mouth instead. Not long after we got there Kjell hooked quite a good fish.  This turned out to be a 3lb rainbow. The " Old Bull " got something when the " Young Bull " didn't ;-)   

lake taupo river mouth fishing 3 sporting life turangi 07032018.jpg

Things were looking up ... I got a tug on my fly ... then the weather turned ... it got blacker and darker, the wind picked up, it started to rain and then a flash of lightening lit up the sky ..... we though it best to vacate rather than wave our graphite rods around.

lake taupo river mouth fishing 1 sporting life turangi 07032018.jpg

(Above) Kjell fishing in Lake Taupo.

(Below) You can see the approaching storm which was just dumping rain at Kuratau.

lake taupo river mouth fishing 2 sporting life turangi 07032018.jpg



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