Whispers on the wind


There are whispers around town this morning of a big Brownie being caught yesterday on the Tongariro, a rare monster from the deep, fooled into feasting on an anglers perfectly presented fly, hounded by fishing paparazzi like myself then comforted and told everything is going to be okay, before being released to be home in time for fish happy hour.

I haven't seen this Tongariro Goliath myself and it may just be whispers, but i was fortunate enough to run into good friend and local fishing guide Mike Hughes as I wandered along the banks of the Tongariro yesterday and as I did, Mike himself was getting stuck into a smaller cousin of Goliath Brown. Good stuff Mike.

There are still some really nice fish holding in the Tongariro, the pressure on them at the moment is low, on my walk I spotted outside of Mike only 2 anglers.

The last few fish I have landed have been back on the Nymph rig which has been fun after a solid 2 months of predominantly swinging streamers (Woolly Buggers and the like). Pheasant Tails and Green & White Caddis doing the damage here.

I have found myself on the odd occasion lately being lazy with my nymph setup and not changing the leader or flies to suit when changing water and found myself missing opportunities I should have capitalised on with a few easy adjustments. Don't be like me guys, do the small things you need first to maximize the big picture.

Have a awesome day and see you at Sporting Life Turangi.






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