Tuesday 8th May 2018


Fine and sunny. Light breeze as of 9:00am this morning.  The Tongariro River is clear and fishable.  Today is a much calmer day than yesterday !!

I went for a look up to the Red Hut pool this morning to see what it looked like.  There were no cars in the carpark when I turned up but one arrived just as I was leaving. It was a stunning morning.  One that would be nice to have been out and about fishing.


sporting life fishing report 1 red hut 08052018.jpg

(Above) The Red Hut swing bridge. It is a good walk to cross here and head up-river to fish the Boulder Reach and Cliff Pool. It takes about 15 minutes to get up to the Boulder Reach.

(Below) Looking upstream from the Red Hut swing Bridge.

sporting life fishing report 2 red hut 08052018.jpg

(Below) Looking downstream from the Red Hut swing bridge. What a stunning morning !

sporting life fishing report 3 red hut 08052018.jpg

(Below)  " Masters of Camouflage " .... the Blue Duck. I spotted two off the bridge this morning.  They were honking and whistling !

sporting life fishing report 4 red hut 08052018.jpg

(Below) If you struggled seeing them in the picture above I have marked a white circle around them.

sporting life fishing report 5 red hut 08052018.jpg

(Below) The sun was nice this morning.

sporting life fishing report 6 red hut 08052018.jpg

(Below) A little bit of  "delayed coverage " from a while ago with a rather enthusiastic angler and a very nice Tongariro River brown trout.  This is Henry Heron who is from the " West Island " of New Zealand ( that is a place called Australia).

henry heron brown trout tongariro river.jpg

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