Thursday, 8th June 2017


Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today.  Almost a frost but a cold gusty SW wind has whipped up.  All rivers are fishable.  The Tongariro is clear.  

Had the odd few reports from trollers out in Lake Taupo over the last few days who have reported some great success with some really nice conditioned fish caught. Most appearing to take a Spotty Gold lure. The boat anglers have been treated to some fantastic days out on Lake Taupo with the nice sunny weather and lack of wind.

Just had Didymo Dave call into the shop to see us. He was looking after a few dogs and had taken them for a walk down to the river.  Quite quickly they sniffed out dead fish heads and carcasses. He said for dog owners to be aware of this as dogs and small fine bones don't go too well together and also these carcasses encourage rats and stoats along the river bank which doesn't help the trapping program to help protect the Blue Ducks and other birdlife.

He suggests to clean your fish at home and put the carcasses into the compost, or bag the guts, frames and heads and put in the freezer until rubbish day.

didymo dave 1 buried fish june 2017.jpg

(Above) A "very shallow" buried fish carcass. You can even see the tyre marks running over it.

didymo dave 2 buried fish june 2017.jpg

(Above) Ranger the black lab sniffed this one out quickly.

(Below) Fly who is only 8 weeks old sniffed this one out pretty quickly too.

didymo dave 3 buried fish june 2017.jpg



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