Friday 8th June 2018


Fine and sunny.  A good S/SE breeze blowing into Turangi over the Kaimanawa Ranges. The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

There are some really nice fresh run fish appearing in most parts of the Tongariro River at present caught by those who are catching them. Some good nymph fishing using bombs and glo bugs over the last week. Fresh run fish have been sneaking past anglers who have been waiting for them to run.

We seem to be experiencing some cold polar blasts at the moment which will make the casting a little tricky for some, however it looks like good weather is forecast for tomorrow which if the wind tapers off should be a nice frosty day. 

Frosty starts to the day hinder the early bird angler as you get two or three nice looking casts in only to find it turns sour pretty quickly and you wonder what the issue is ...... this tends to be frozen rod guides !  There are three scenarios to help aleviate / fix this issue.  The first is to reach up and crack the ice out of the guides, the second is to dip the rod in the water as the water is warmer than the surrounding air and this melts the guides, and thirdly my prefered option after many years of fishing .... sleep in, have a nice leisurely breakfast and head out fishing at around about 10am in the morning once everyone else has frozen to death and can't feel their fingers and gone home to warm up !

(Below) A little bit of delayed coverage from yesterday morning thanks to Chris Firkin.  He was out testing some Black Magic Glo Bugs on the Tongariro River and landed this nice fresh run rainbow. 


 Chris Firkin 1 Tongariro River Rainbow Trout 07062018.jpg

(Above) A nice fresh run rainbow landed by Chris yesterday morning.

(Below) A good dusting of snow on the Umukarikari Range yesterday morning.  Winter is well and truly here. Only a few days away from the shortedst day of the year !! Roll on Summer and the dry fly fishing !!

Chris Firkin 2 Tongariro River Rainbow Trout 07062018.jpg


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