Friday 8th July 2016


1:30pm The Boss has just reported that all the rivers heading up to Taupo are fishable.  The wind has just started to pick up here in Turangi. The rain has stopped.

9:00am Overcast and raining ..... finally we get some rain ! No wind at this stage.  According to the flows the Tongariro is highly fishable. It started to rain about 10pm last night.  Nice steady rain with nothing too heavy.  This should move fish into rivers, especially those ones that were hanging off the mouth the other day (anyone want to work for me?).

If the weather swings around to the SE then the experience I have had at watching the weather closely over the last 16 years has told me that things dry out and we generally get wind. The reason being is the Kaimanawa's provide a rain shadow effect. 

The barometer has dropped to 1006hpa which should be enough to get fish moving into the rivers combined with the slight increases in flow. If you read your Target Taupo Magazines from the past there is a distinct correlation between rainfall and fish moving through the fish traps. In the past anglers have tended to struggle in the low, clear, high barometer conditions and all of a sudden find they catch fish when it rains?  However those that are up with the play will relish the low, clear conditions, alter the way they fish and where they fish and still come up trumps ;-)

fly fishing tongariro jason bleibtreu 07072016.jpg

(Above) I received this photo and email late yesterday afternoon thanks to Jason from Riverbirches:

Dear Sporting Life,

Thanks for the flies and for putting us onto the fish today. Robert and I caught this fresh run rainbow below the bridge around 11 AM.Thanks again.

Jason Bleibtreu

fly fishing tongariro michael1carol.jpg

(Above & Below) A little bit of delayed coverage from a few days ago thanks to Michael and Carol. 

Michael writes:

Good morning Jared, my first winter fish yesterday for me, I was in the middle section of the Tongariro , fish where a mix in sizes, as always the bigger ones got away ( hook loop failure on a bugger/intruder, my bad!! ).
                                   All fish were fresh runners in fantastic condition, this one was into the backing in a few seconds. What worked was slim green buggers and my Orange Thingie.
Kind Regards

fly fishing tongariro michael2carol.jpg


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