Monday 8th August 2016


 -3.4 degree celcius frost this morning. Fine and sunny, light wind to begin the day increasing as the day goes on. The Tongariro is highly fishable.  

Busy day again today !!  I've been flat out in the shop !!! Something is wrong here ..... I seem to be working and Andrew seems to be always fishing ?  What's going on ???

Lost property - found a bag below the S.H.1 bridge.  Contact us here at Sporting Life 07 386 8996 if you think it is yours.


brown trout hinemaiaia.jpg

(Above) If you are unfamiliar with what a brown trout looks like then this is one in the picture above that I caught on the Tongariro last year.  I received an email today from an angler who wrote the following:

Good Morning Jared,


I have fished the Hinemaiaia for the past 40 years and have never been able to catch a brown trout? What would be the reason for this? Do brown trout not reside in the Hine? I have seen them as high as the estuary but no higher.

Can anyone enlighten us to why?


Thanks in advance


So the question being for a bit of investigative information is :

Has anyone ever caught a brown trout in the Hinemaiaia above the road bridge ?

If you have, could you email us here at   Anglers have reported catching them in most of the other rivers around the Taupo District.  Is there a certain time of the year they may be in the Hinemaiaia ? Do the rainbows keep them out ?  Plenty of questions but for an angler to have fished it for 40 years and caught lots of fish in there but never hooked a brown is interesting. Let us know.

(Below) A nice day here in Turangi today with little wind to begin the day but this did increase as the day went on. Check out the dusting of snow on the top of MT Pihanga this morning.




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