Tuesday, 8th August 2017


Overcast with light drizzly rain falling in Turangi today. No wind.  The Tongariro is highly fishable at about 31 cumecs.

Sorry for the delay in the report today but have been flat out in the shop.  Quite a few people are registering for the weekend Winter Fly Fest.  It looks like there will be a good number attending which is good to see.

All I can say is most people through the shop are still catching fish. Had the odd few reports of some spent fish turning up now too.  Some of these may have entered the river over April / May and have done their business.  Handle these ones carefully and soon they will be the ones feeding on the Mayflies and Caddis to gain some condition again.  These are the ones to provide you some great dry fly action on the Mayfly and Caddis dries over the Spring. Also if we get some good floods over the Spring this should knock them back out to Lake Taupo to hopefully feed up and gain some condition before the Christmas Holidays. 

The days are getting noticeably longer now and when I head out of the shop in the evenings I have almost half an hour of daylight after leaving the shop .... roll on daylight savings !!!  

I received this email and photos this morning thanks to Martin Boyle.  Martin writes:

Hi Jared

The new Sage X is working well on nymphing, wet line and Czech nymphing. Had a “dad and daughter” day on Saturday at the Hinemaiaia and Emily’s used it to good effect and has gone back to Hamilton with more than a few good stories and the evidence. Now will have to get her “graduated” to the Tongariro where the really big fish are.


Cheers Martin


martin 1 boyle august 2017.jpg


martin 2 boyle august 2017.jpg


martin 3 boyle august 2017.jpg

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