Tuesday 8th September 2015


 Busy this morning with anglers coming in for the necessary flies for the days fishing. Have had some characters in this morning, all seem to be happy anglers. But they fishing the Tongariro, what could be better. Maybe the heat in the sun could be better, but other then that, the day is beautiful. I just cant decide weather to keep my jacket off or on, the temperature keeps changing.

After putting up the fishing report yesterday we have been inundated with photos of fish, their silver bullets, so thank you very much for those I will be sure to put them up on the website in the next few days, show off the fruits of your fishing labors!

As I was saying we have been busy this morning, our anglers have been after woolly buggers, small caddis' and rabbits. After chatting to these anglers and to Jared, the trout cant get enough of them. Another point to note for our boating anglers is that Lake Taupo is currently quite high, fishing in the Delta is apparently a little more of a challenge (not a impossibility) because o the increase in volume.

Chris Lewis sent in an email with the following pics from his fishing experience. He came up from the lower north island just last weekend and had some good fun. As per his email the fish he found are "Good fighters, great condition and lovely eating.

Its well worth the effort." As you can see in the below pics!

Thanks Chris!






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