Thursday 8th September 2016


Overcast ... not raining ... light to the odd gusty S / SW.  As of 8:45am the Tongariro is flowing at about 32 cumecs and is highly fishable.

The wind may increase during the day.  Yesterday started off calm but boy did the wind pick up and become quite nasty !!

Some good reports coming in from the trollers out in lake Taupo. A few of them are reporting some good smelt out there at present. 

Appears most anglers are catching fish at the moment as more runs have come into the rivers. 

Here is a little bit of delayed coverage from Monday thanks to Peter Carty.  Pete caught some really nice silver fish in the Tongariro. He was nymphing using a glo bug.


fly fishing tongariro river peter 1 carty 05092016.jpg


fly fishing tongariro river peter 2 carty 05092016.jpg


fly fishing tongariro river peter 3 carty 08092016.jpg

(Below) I woke this morning to find the top of Mt Pihanga covered in snow. We got some rain yesterday and overnight but normally in the catchments this falls as snow and is slowly released .... hence the Tongariro is highly fishable today.  Most people think Turangi suffers really bad weather as we are "high in the mountains". In reality we only sit at about 390m above sea level. The top of Mt Pihanga is 1326m. The bottom level of the snow is sitting at about 1100m.

pihanga snow 08092016.jpg

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