Thursday 8th October 2015


Light drizzly overcast rain to start the day today.  This could get a little heavier during the day.  The bonus with the rain is that there is no wind ! This will keep the rivers on the fresher side with a little bit of cooler water. We got up to about 21 degrees Celsius here in Turangi yesterday. It was just a stunning Spring day.

As of this morning all rivers are fishable.

I had one angler in the store yesterday who had a great day on the river.  He said he landed about 20 and said he couldn't miss. He was nymphing. Other anglers are still reporting plenty of easy fishing too. 

Still not a lot of reports in on the rising fish.  A few last week but nobody raving about anything just yet.  Either that or they are keeping their lips sealed ?


(Above) A little bit of delayed coverage from lunchtime.  I had to wait for my roving reporter 001 to come in with some photos.  The above picture is just one angler fishing in the pool below the SH1 road bridge.

(Below) A couple of anglers just upstream of the SH1 road bridge.  The cloud and rain disappeared mid morning to produce a sunny day. Unfortunately with the cloud disappearing the wind picked up. 


(Below) Today, more anglers were actually fishing what "used" to be called the "Bridge Pool" about 10 years ago. This was the "popular" pool until anglers migrated to the "Bridge Pool" just under the SH1 "Bridge" over the last few years.



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