Saturday 8th October 2016


Cloudy with sunny blue patches. Rather cool from yesterdays snow. The Tongariro is flowing at about 40 cumecs but is highly fishable today. We are now back into Winter with a late polar blast from the South !!!  Even though we are into Spring this can happen on a fairly regular occurrence. We have even had snow fall on Mt Pihanga 3 days before Christmas before.

Typical Spring weather is usually, fine and sunny one minute, possibly rain, hail and sleet the next, back to sunshine and tee shirts 20 minutes later !!

The warmer temperatures can sometimes give anglers the false hope that Summer is on the way.  There have been evening rises occurring over the last few weeks, but my experiences on the Tongariro over the last 16 years know to well that these cold blasts in the evening can taper any rise activity off rather quickly.  That is why one night may be no good due to the cold and blasting wind, then next night could be all on if there is no wind, so ..... the idea here is don't worry about a thing .... just go fishing and OBSERVE what happens or does not happen and fish accordingly.


fly fishing tongariro river spring 3 rainbow trout 07102016.jpg

(Above) My Japanese mate Hide (pronounced Heeday) has arrived for a few days. Dedication sees a 10-11 hour flight from Singapore (where he is currently working), four hour drive from Auckland .... arrives in Turangi, checks in to the motel, straight out fishing, hooks 7, picks me up after work and we fish until dark before being absolutely exhausted and then he has to crash into bed for a sleep.  He is here for 3 days of fishing and then back to Singapore !!!!

These days I kind of get upset at anglers who rock up into the shop, and ask the question "is it worthwhile going fishing?" especially when you see a mad keen angler like Hide ... over the years I have identified two type of anglers ... those who want to go fishing and those who have to literally force themselves to go fishing.  Those who want to go fishing generally enjoy just going. The other question I get is "when is the best time to go fishing?".  My answer to that one these days is "whenever you feel like it!"   

fly fishing tongariro river spring 1 rainbow trout 07102016.jpg

(Above & Below) Hide was set up for the dry fly, but my intuition told me not much would happen in that department due to the weather conditions, so I decided to nymph.  I managed to land these two and think I possibly hooked another two or three ... hard to tell. There were half a dozen or so fish that did rise but only once or twice before the wind blew things off.  

fly fishing tongariro river spring 2 rainbow trout 07102016.jpg

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