Sunday 8th November 2015


The day started off fine and sunny but a high layer of cloud has drifted over Turangi this afternoon. I checked and it was 26.2 degrees celcius in the shade at home at lunchtime !  This should be good to get the vegetation growing and the insects flowing !! I've had more anglers head in to get dry flies in the last week.  As the temperatures build and the wind wanes then this activity should continue to build. Good evening rises have been reported from the Tongariro.  Most anglers have commented that there aren't many anglers about but "HEAPS" of fish.

The Tauranga-Taupo river continues to provide a challenge for anglers who have seen heaps of fish ..... that appear to have outsmarted them .... as I have seen in the past ... "how come something with the brain the size of a pea can possibly outsmart us humans with our massive brain size and superiority over everything in the animal kingdom ?"  Does size really matter ?

Local angler Leo Videbeck of Turangi called in to see us yesterday with a great sized brown trout that he caught in the Tongariro yesterday ...... the Boss measured it at 10.5lb +


(Below) Check this out ... every year this family meet up here in Turangi for a spot of fishing .... R & R or D & D .... or whatever you would like to call it.  They have a very clever relation who usually makes up a new t-shirt for them each year.

hookedup tee.jpg

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