Tuesday 8th November 2016


Fine and sunny.  Quite a strong SW wind blowing at present.  Expected to ease later in the day.  The Tongariro is fishable at 30 cumecs. This got up to 37 yesterday during the thunderstorm and had some colour to it but today it is clear again.

1:00pm  The wind is still blowing strong (blowing downstream on the Tongariro).  The river is clear though and worth a fish if you can find a bit of shelter. 


tongariro river island 2 pool 08112016.jpg

(Above) A nice sunny day here in Turangi today but as you can see by the riffle on the water it is still quite windy. This is looking upstream to the Major Jones pool in the distance.

(Below) Looking across to the Island Pool at 1:00pm today.  The only angler I saw was the grey looking storky/herony type bird down by the waters edge, most likely attacking some juvenile rainbows.

tongariro river island 1 pool 08112016.jpg


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