Wednesday 8th November 2017


2:00pm The Tongariro has come up to 98 cumecs and is unfishable.  If no more rain overnight then should be fishable first thing in the morning. 

11:50am  The wind has really picked up now and is quite gusty. Reports that the Tongariro is a brownish colour.


Overcast .... heavy rain stopped at 8:30am.  As of 8:30am the Tongariro was highly fishable.  This may come up a bit more in the next hour or two.  Slightly windy.   

The Tongariro generally remains fishable when we get a lot of rain.  A couple of reasons for this ... the way the catchment is set up .. the headwaters are in a big valley and the rain shadow effect of Mt Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe on the Desert Road.  Also most of the headwaters are still covered in bush which can absorb a lot of moisture and it is not a really huge catchment.  In the Winter a lot of moisture may fall on the tops of the hills surrounding river as snow, so a slower release of water into the river. The fact that we are in the centre of the North Island is a bonus too.  No matter what direction the weather comes it appears most of the "sting" is taken out of the weather before it gets here.  Also the river is controlled a bit with the power scheme ... this can keep water flowing at a constant level in the summer (keeping the river cooler) as well as siphon off extra if we get too much. Hence the ability to fish most of the year.

Haven't heard too much from the evening rise fishing ... haven't had a go myself yet as it is generally too windy and cold for me ... I think I am turning into a fair weather fisherman ?? or getting OLD ??


z fly fishing new zealand 1 tongariro river 08112017.jpg

(Above) The highly fishable Tongariro at 8:30am this morning.

(Below) As you can see the river is highly fishable this morning. 

z fly fishing new zealand 3 tongariro river 08112017.jpg

(Below) One angler fishing way down in the Lower Bridge pool this morning.

z fly fishing new zealand 2 tongariro river 08112017.jpg

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