Thursday 8th November 2018


Overcast with light drizzle falling here in Turangi today.  No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is fishable. 

We are now into the drizzly / humid type of weather for November. Funny how the same sort of weather usually happens as I remember the same type of weather growing up here as a kid, especially around Guy Fawkes when I was trying to light the fireworks and my lighter or matches wouldn't work due to it being drizzly and wet.

The same thing happens with the fishing.  Over the years I have observed that generally the same things happen from year to year with the fishing. Some years things are more intense / severe and other years less intense / severe.  This sort of weather should start to entice a few green beetles to start showing themselves, also leading onto the brown beetle. If we are lucky we will start to hear the odd cicada about mid December. 

Don't pass up using a dry fly / dropper combo during the day, especially on a bright sunny day.  Some anglers have taken out bigger dry patterns such as Madam X to use as a stimulator to stimulate the fish to look up. 

Pete was out on the river the other evening and reported plenty of Mayflies coming off the water. A few fish popping up here and there. He headed home but others said it really took off later on which usually indicates fish feeding on Caddis. 

Pete also reports that the only anglers hatching at the moment have been Ozzies.  Kiwis must be too busy mowing lawns or painting ...

Speaking of painting ... I'm still doing it ... as a guy on Grand Designs the other week said " Painting is just a waste of life ! "

I haven't had any volunteers to come and do my painting for me .... does anyone want to volunteer to come fishing with me ?

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