Tuesday 8th December 2015


The sun is shining today.  Seems to be a slight breeze at this stage but this may increase as the day progresses. It got very windy yesterday !  So far this Spring we have had quite a lot of wind. It also got quite cold last night.

On Sunday evening I went out for a flick for the evening rise. My mates son has been pestering his Mum and Dad for MONTHS to get "Uncle Jared" to take him out fishing, so we finally got around to it.  I wanted to take him out for the evening rise as he gets to see fish splashing and it keeps the interest up.

So to keep things interesting for JNR,  I took a cooker, billy and frying pan.  I got the youngster to head down to the river to fill up the billy and we made a Milo and then I cooked up some pikelets.  He was the "Chief Flipper".  I think he was more interested in keeping an eye on the biggest one for his belly. So, while waiting for the rise to start we had a hot Milo and some pikelets with jam !


(Below) Just the right colour for the pikelets. You can see evidence of a "flip" on the side which almost ended in disaster ..... that was going to be Dad's one if it jettisoned out of the frying pan !


(Below) Eli (4 years old ... also called Mini Hai) and his Dad, Hai.


(Below) Hard at work playing a fish !  Pump and grind ..... he was winching those fish in !!


(Below) Another one landed.  I think he landed about 4 or 5 ! The rise was quite good and lasted for about half an hour.


(Below) A happy little angler.  He was buzzing when he got home and the next day asked his Mum if he could head out with Uncle Jared again the next night !  I think Eli has the fishing gene which means he will stay out until as long as it takes to get a fish and will seek every opportunity to go fishing !

It is good to get the youngsters out, not only to learn how to fish but also to teach them to look after your rivers by not leaving any rubbish or needing to destroy anything in the process of seeking to hook a fish and also just enjoying being out and about !


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