Thursday 8th December 2016


Overcast with light drizzly rain falling at times. No wind as of 10:00am. The Tongariro is highly fishable. Boy did we get some good rain overnight, however the Tongariro is fishable this morning. 

This rain should bode well for keeping the ground nice and moist for the cicadas. When the temperatures get up and the sun comes out we should start hearing more cicadas chirping. 

A few more boaties are calling into the store that are heading out on the Lake now that the weather has settled a lot more. A few more have reported the jigging picking up. 

Few reports from Lake Otamangakau, most anglers are heading to the Tongariro to fish with good numbers still in the river.

Still flat out in the shop unpacking stock for Christmas / New Year !!!

tongariro river island pool one 08122016.jpg

(Above) Looking across to the Island Pool at 1:00pm today. The grass has really taken off along the river now.

(Below) Looking upstream to the tail of the Major Jones Pool in the distance (where the cable crosses) this afternoon.  A bleak drizzly, rainy day here in Turangi today however the Tongariro remains clear and fishable.

tongariro river island pool two 08122016.jpg



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