Friday 8th December 2017


Overcast hot and humid ( we had rain overnight ). No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro river is fishable.

Some good reports over the last two days for the evening rises on the Tongariro.  A good "boiling" of fish reported. Most anglers are still taking out Sporting Caddis / Elk Hair Caddis and Goddard Caddis flies. 

After heading back to work yesterday after my holiday it appears the trolling lures have taken a hit.  The Trolling appears to have been quite good according to Peter.  When I went away, oranges were popular but it looks like the good old Black and Gold Toby, and the greens have come on.  Try Green and Gold Cobra, Green Flash Toby, Yellow Flash Toby and Silver Toby and Yellow and White Cobra .  The green colours usually indicate the Green Beetle. 

Jigging has been reported as outstanding as well.  This bodes well for the boat anglers heading this way for the Christmas Holidays.  

Also just remember if you haven't been here for a while there were a few regulation changes this year.

The bag limit has gone from 3 fish per angler per day to 6 fish per angler per day

The size limit has gone from 40cm to 35cm ( we have still had some anglers in this year who were putting fish back thinking it was still the old limit )

The 300m exclusion zone around river mouths for fly fishing only has been reduced to 200m 


(Below) A little bit of delayed coverage.  This is local boating angler Graham Hamilton with a really nice clean looking Lake Taupo rainbow trout that he caught jigging a few days ago.


graham hamilton dec 2017.jpg

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