Saturday 9th January 2016


I woke to find nice sunny blue skies today.  We got some good soaking rain in Turangi yesterday and overnight but nothing quite like what was potentially forecast. Once again Turangi seemed to miss the worst of the weather. The Tongariro got up to about 65 cumecs but this morning is down to about 30 cumecs with reports of a brown colour but this wont last long.  With this colour then you should get out there ASAP with a sinking line and see if you can snag one of those big browns that are in the river before it gets too clear. 

This extra flush should move more browns up river and possibly some more rainbows. 

We have had the rain and the moisture which is good to soak into the ground.... for the cicadas we now need good temperatures to get them out of the ground ..... things are looking good in this department but still have heard few. If not it looks like February might be the month if the temperatures stay cooler over January. 

Generally reports through the shop from the boaties indicate the jigging has picked up over the last week (when anglers can get out due to the wind).  Also still getting a lot of anglers finding the "fishing" great but the "quality" of the fish not so great with many reporting catching quite good numbers but only keeping 2-3 fish out of 10-15 caught. Plenty of slabs/spent fish reported. 

Once again the fatal mistake of anglers is they are comparing fish quality to the last few years forgetting the "weather conditions" over this time which potentially led to the fish to be like they are. There are many variables in the production of fish which is impossible for Mother Nature to replicate the same "every year" ... especially the weather.  This last year has been a lot wetter than previous ones, also a lack of good floods in the Spring to wash the slabs out into the Lake early before Christmas to give them time to fatten up ... however the size of the spent fish is reported as good length and over the next few months they will be feeding hard out and we should see some good sized fish come through the rivers again this year. 

Be vary wary comparing years, especially when it comes to fish ... they are easy to compare but things like rainfall, wind, sunshine hours, river flows, and things like food types for the fish and how they are affected by weather are all at the mercy of the elements. So fish for the now and set expectations for the now .... not what has happened and what it should be based on these past observations.

(Below) Andrew headed out on the Tongariro yesterday after work in the "foul" weather.  He was watched by his parents.  He said there was a nice mist that formed on the river..... most had gone home by the time he went out but said the fishing was "fantastic".




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