Monday 9th January 2017


Fine and sunny with clouds hovering about the local hills. Once again a moderate to gusty SW breeze blowing. The Tongariro is highly fishable today.

Wow! 2017 has started of with a bang with some cracker fish being reported caught in Lake Taupo and in Lake Otamangakau. I have heard of quite a few double figure fish caught at Lake O since it opened. The picture below is of James from Masterton who caught this 10.6lb rainbow (as measured by digital scales in the shop - not the eyeometer scale version) up at Lake Otamangakau the other day. He was heading off to the taxidermist with this one.

The majority of anglers seem happy with how things are fishing at present with the only grumbles being the "CRAP" weather!

jamesrankin12lbrainbowlakeo jan 2017.jpg

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