Tuesday 9th January 2018


Fine and sunny with overcast conditions. Humid. No rain as of 9:00am. No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is highly fishable and is basically clear with a touch of milkyness to it.  

Wow !!  All I can say is that it is SOOOO nice wading in the river at the moment.  No slime on the rocks and your boots actually get some grip. 

Some good fishing to be had in the river over the last few days. Mostly recovering rainbows caught with the odd few browns. The fish have been hoovering up the green and white caddis nymphs and have also taken some interest in horn caddis. Also a few very small juvenile trout have shown up too.

Wetlining has been good using olive, brown and black woolly buggers.

The places I have fished I have found relatively snag free which is a bonus. The river banks are nice and easy to walk along as well with them being scoured clean.  A few changes reported in places.  The track by the Stag Pool sounds like it has washed out.

The beauty of a good flood like we had is that you may now have a completely different river to fish .... for those who don't like change then not so good, but for others who like a challenge then it is good to re-learn and find some new places.


callum reid jan 2018.jpg

(Above) Callum Reid from Australia with a good sized brown he caught a couple of days ago in the Tongariro.


Hi Jared,

Attached is Callum with a 7lb brown he caught yesterday as the river started to drop. Still trying to get the smile off his face.




big-brown per bo nielson jan 2018.jpg

(Above & Below) I received these photos this morning thanks to Per Bo Nielson. Per writes:


Lots of browns hanging around the Hinemaiaia River Mouth. First caught a 4 lb Brown Jack on Jan 1st at night time and then this beauty 6.4 Lb Hen brown at 2pm Jan 4th

 Both taking on a green woolly buggar

Love it 


brown per bo nielson jan 2018.jpg

(Below) A little bit of delayed coverage from the big flood the other day. This photo is thanks to Jason Bleibtreu. This kind of reminds me of Noah's flood of biblical times ...  Jason writes:

The River is up and has some color.

Photo then around 6PM Jan/5 near the Birches Bridge.




jason bleibtreu 05012018.jpg


chris 1 flood tongariro river 05012018.jpg

(Above & Below) A little bit more delayed coverage from the flood a few days ago.  These photos are thanks to Chris de Bazin. The picture above is a before shot and the one below is an after shot of the same area.  Notice where the angler is fishing in the picture above .... he might have needed a snorkel if he was fishing in the picture below ?

chris 2 flood tongariro river 05012018.jpg

(Below) Looking downstream to the Breakfast Pool from the Major Jones swing bridge.  A fair amount of dirt was shifted in this flood. 

chris 4 flood tongariro river 05012018.jpg



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