Tuesday 9th February 2016


Overcast and humid once again with light drizzle falling at times. The fish are going mad on the cicadas.  This is what I would call a fantastic "hatch year". I'm starting to see a lot of "wings" on the ground now from where birds have plucked them off.  The fish just can't help themselves !

If you have never tried fishing with a cicada then I would suggest that now would be the time to give it a try.


I received these photos and email thanks to Jens Muller-Buckland.  Jens looks to have been using the cicada to good effect. 

Jens writes:

Hi Jared,
Went to have a look at the catfish cull on Saturday. Unbelievable….Heaps of divers and a trailer load of “ocean bait fish” looked like thousands, ready for fertiliser production. Managed to find a couple of trout that liked my cicada, so I might be on track to catch a few more
Regards Jens
Ps  Still waiting for the promised rain?!

jens1new camera.jpg

(Above & Below) Not sure if this is the same fish or not ??




(Above & Below) The results of the Catfish Spear Fishing Competition held over Waitangi Weekend on Lake Taupo.  Some pretty fat looking catfish in amongst these !



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