Friday 9th February 2018


Overcast, cool. Rain just started at 7:30am. As of 9:00am the Tongariro River is clear and fishable No wind as of 9:00am.

Looks like more rain is on the way for the next few days ..... I hope the river doesn't come up too much though.  The last flood looked to have cleared more fish out of the river.  There are some very nice fresh runs browns in there that are worth catching though.  Its getting close to the time when the first run rainbows will start to move into the river.  The earliest I have caught a fresh run rainbow with eggs in it has been the 28th February. 

My suggestion would be to dust of the wetline.


turangi 2 sunset 08022018.jpg

(Above & Below) Anglers fishing on the river or lake last night would have been treated to a spectacular sight.  We had an awesome Sunset here in Turangi last night.  The colours of the sky were amazing. " Red at night Shepherds Delight ! "

turangi 1 sunset 08022018.jpg

(Below) Speaking of Shepherds ..... " What the Flock is this ? ".  I went down to the river the other evening for a fish.  Upon walking along the track I saw a black dog wandering around, a little bit further on I saw a guy holding a leash ... the thing on the leash was obscured behind some long grass ... rounding the bend a bit my eyes focused on what I thought was a light coloured Labrador dog which looked really fat like it had been eating far too many dog biscuits ... as they do ... my eyes then focused and I realized the Lab was a sheep !! Quite impressed that someone would take their sheep for a walk ... we asked what the name of the sheep was.  His proud walker replied ... "Shanks !" 

Why do things like this happen to me when I go fishing ?

shanks the sheep 07022018.jpg

(Below) I gave the wetline a burn and managed to hook up this nice conditioned brown trout. 

jared huge tongariro river brown trout 07022018.jpg

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