Thursday the 9th of March


We haven't been hit by the weather that is affecting the rest of the North Island as yet. It was a bit more crisp through the night and early morning but the flow of the Tongariro has held fairly consistent and there have been cracking fish landed in the last few days. Rodney Wong is in town and he landed a cracking Brown on a small pheasant tail and light tippet. Paddy and Willie are over from Taranaki and the boys have been putting in long hours on the river with great results, mixing up nymphing and wet lining through the day. Good stuff lads. 


The Cicada seem to be on their last few legs with noise almost nil in the mornings and the current snap of cold weather has seen to this but anglers commenting that Lace Moth patterns or Vine Hoppers are doing the damage on the dries.


I have been out most days after work and saw a fantastic evening rise the last 2 nights with good numbers rising to take the Sporting Caddis dry pattern from around 8pm on wards and prior to this I was swinging large olive streamers (Wooly Bugger type patterns) through deeper pools using a shooting head and about 3/4 a rod length of leader and getting a few nice fish on the swing. I try to alternate the speeds of the swing of the fly with different mends till I can find what is having the most strikes.


Jared is away at the moment and I am not quite sure how to load photos to this site as yet but when i figure that out I will load some pics of recent catches.


See you at Sporting Life.



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