Friday 9th March 2018


Overcast but fine with some sun showing through the cloud. A blustery SE, cool. The Tongariro is at a fishable level but still quite coloured with a silty sludge like the flush we got a month ago.

The silty sludge is lining the edge of the river.  Possibly not good for nymph life which I would tend to suggest would smother them. The last time it went like this about a month ago the colour remained for about 5 days or so. To top things off, yesterday the river actually flooded as well due to heavy rain but this looks to have dropped back to a fishable level quite quickly.  However in saying that as the water cleared I had some great fishing on the nymph using a glo bug ( see report from 30 January ).

It might be a case of looking at some of the smaller lakes to fish to find some clearer water or the river mouths into Lake Taupo. If it is Dry Fly fishing that you are after .... better stay inside in the Dry and dream of next Summer. If you still want to catch fish then look at using the streamer or nymph or head out on Lake Taupo in a boat.


turangi sporting life 1 tongariro river fly fishing 09032018.jpg

(Above) The level of the Tongariro at 8:30am this morning. Not overly high but still contains the colour from the sludgy silt.

(Below) The colour of the water looking off the S.H.1 road bridge.

turangi sporting life 2 tongariro river fly fishing 09032018.jpg


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