Monday 9th April 2018


Overcast, light drizzly rain falling. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro River is clear and fishable today.

The weather is on the turn here in Turangi.  Temperatures have definitely been a lot cooler in the mornings over the last week or two but the middle of the day has seen the temperatures up to 22 degrees celcius.  Snow is forecast for the central volcanoes over the next few days so this could be the first real bite of Winter !!  The leaves on the trees in Turangi have really changed colour now and a lot a have already dropped. 

Any sign of decent rain and we should see some fish moving up the rivers. 

The last week has seen quite a few smaller fish rising in the the rivers. Mostly taking small dry flies such as a small Parachute Adams or Passion Vine Hopper / Lace Moth.

Here is something a little interesting for you today.

Plastic - it has been getting bit of coverage just recently in terms of filling the oceans etc.  It is kind of a hard one as everywhere you look we utilize plastic of some sort in everything .... clothing, frames for your reading glasses, sunglasses, computers, cars, straps and buckles on packs, fly rod tubes,  most of our food is wrapped in it or comes in it,  in fact just about everywhere there is plastic of some sort. A very universal and ideal material for us humans to use.

However with more use and its ability to not break down so easy more of our World is becoming polluted which is having an impact on the Natural Environment. It is easy to say ...  "nah ... its not our problem ......".

Here is an interesting photo sent to me by an angler who caught a trout here recently with the plastic ring off what looks to be a food jar caught around it.  The fish must have swum through the ring and then it got caught on its fin and couldn't get it off. The fish has then grown and this looks to have had a major impact on its backbone. The interesting thing is not long after I got this photo another angler also told me of a story of catching a fish similar to this. 

Quite amazing that the fish was still living, albeit a bit thin.  The anglers cut the ring off and released it to carry on.

I suppose as anglers we generally love the environment we fish in and we should all really take steps to prevent any waste ending up in our waterways. If you see things like plastic bags, rubbish, old nylon, coffee cups or other types of rubbish, pick it up and take it home or put it in the nearest rubbish bin. The ironic thing here is you should always keep a couple of old supermarket plastic bags in the car for this purpose ????  What else are you going to put the picked up rubbish in ????? The ironic thing here is what are our alternatives ?  Here's a bit of trivia for you to ponder .... " If we get rid of plastic bags, what are dog walkers going to do when their dog does a doo ? "

If you are heading this way for the school holidays and have a few kids in tow, while you are fishing ;-) , how about getting them to race around the riverbank looking for rubbish and collecting it ( if you do, send in some photos to me here at and I will post them ).  Make it a bit of competition for the kids.  Lets see what types of rubbish we have here.  Generally I have been up and down the river and it is not too bad, just bits of nylon fishing line, and the odd can or bottle.


trout with plastic ring around body .jpg


plastic ring on trout.jpg



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