Wednesday 9th May 2018


Fine and sunny. No wind as of 9:00am.  This may increase later in the day. The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

Wow!!  We have been having some really nice Autumn weather ..... it is almost like the Summer we never had !

I headed down to the Tongariro at the end of my lunchbreak to check out in front of the Tongariro Lodge. The diggers have been in here too and have kind of formed a bank.  There is some really nice looking water around here.  I only saw one angler way up in the "Old Bridge Pool" .... I should have had a volunteer work for me today so I could have gone and explored around this area with my fly rod ;-)

There have been some reports of Mayflies hatching on the river in these nice sunny conditions and the only other thing that seems to be hatching here in town are blowflies !!  There have been zillions of them around over the last four or five days !

Some good reports from the Delta in terms of some really nice fish caught.  Make the most of the good weather. Rain is due this weekend.  This will definitely move more fish into the rivers.


sporting life fishing report 1 tongariro lodge 09052018.jpg

(Above) Some good looking water here in front of the Tongariro Lodge.

(Below) Looking across the river to the Tongariro Lodge.  You can see the rocky bank on the far side that has been built up by the digger.  There is some very nicely manicured looking water now.

sporting life fishing report 11 tongariro lodge 09052018.jpg

(Below) Looking downstream to " The Sticks ".  Once again you can just make out the stoney bank on the right side of the picture.  One might suggest that the wetliners might do quite well in here later in the season..... if we don't get any floods to change things !

sporting life fishing report 12 tongariro lodge 09052018.jpg

(Below) " The Sticks " ... some good looking pockets in amongst these for the more experienced / adventurous anglers.

sporting life fishing report 13 tongariro lodge 09052018.jpg



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